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Who We Are

VITAVON Racing System. We Select Best Design to Race-Tune, and Precision Machine With OEM Quality Standard Aerospace Aluminium. Hardened HS Steel Process, and OEM Quality Oversized Bearings and Hardware. And adopt a "Modular Design" for Every Component of the Racing System. For the Racing System Components to work in-Perfect Synchrony. And eliminate gaps, skip, vibrations, and intermittent binds between Component R&P Gears and Spur and Motor Pinion, CVD Axle or Front Rear Center Driveshafts of Powertrain System. This is the KEY for Overall Performance Improvement and Prevent Premature Failure. Not just Randomly Selection Scanned Copied Option Parts in Soft Aluminium.

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With Custom Modular Designed Race Components we Gain more Reliable and Consistent Response, for the Ultimate in Driving Pleasure or WOW Experience! Vitavon-Tuning is designed to improve on Performance, & the Driver’s Confidence to Push the Limits. And Achieve Main Objective, Win in a Competitions. Predictable Control helps hone driving skills and delivers a Totally Delightful (WOW”) Driving Experience for both Professional and New Driver of a Team Vitavon Precision-Tuned Racing Machines.

Why Choose VITAVON?

Modular Design

Matching Designs and Quality OEM Material, with OEM Quality Production Processes. We create and select Best Modular Design for Each Component of the Racing System. Modular Components works in-synchronous to Run Smooth by minimising vibration, inconsistent performance of the Powertrain.  Only by Re-Designing based on Experience and Expertise, t eliminate Vibrations & Binds especially to rotating parts, is key to achieving Faster Laps, Top Speed, and execute higher Jumps, and prevent Premature Parts Failure due to Over-Fatigue, Overheating of  Components & Electronics.

World Class Agile Production System

World Class Agile Production System. We implement OEM Quality Standards for every Vitavon Race Component to be worthy of the Valuable Time & Resource of over 8000 Team Vitavon Racing Drivers WORLDWIDE by implementing Agile Production System. And for Best Sustainable Quality and Cost Efficiency. And Achieve Huge Saving by eliminating All forms of Waste. Continuously learning and adopting more Efficient Processes, to help sustainable Product Quality vis-a-vis addressing shifting demands and improving Production Capability.


Respect for People Vitavon TeamWork means we value contribution of each member. Each pro-actively participating in the ART of Competing, Collaborating, and Co-Create. Respect for People is Key to Achieving Our Goals and Objective. The Cornerstone for Building a STRONG Culture for Sustainable Competence in Production Efficiency, Caring & Sharing the Joy for Promoting the RC Hobby Fun Weekends with Family & Friends Year-Round is a huge part of Everyone’s <Main Responsibility>. It can be tough on our Team. And We draw inspiration, strength & fortitude, and confidence to improve and innovate from each other and with the help of Family & Friends Worldwide. We Greatly Appreciate Your Trust and Support for Us.

Core Values

Team Vitavon Core Values. We reemphasise that Respect for People is key. We are Organised, to identify the Main Problem, and Do the BEST we Can by defining Alternative Solutions to the Problem act, to implement Today or at the Soonest Time. To Organise Teams to Think how we can prevent the Problem which every Team Vitavon humbly embrace as Our Responsibility. We Continuously Search for a Solution, that will deliver a Delightful/WOW Experience for our Stakeholders. Especially Team Vitavon’s Strong Supporters Worldwide the Respect, Appreciation, and Gratitude. Each other We help each other to improve skills own continuous improvement and innovation. Improve on our Production Facility, Process, and Respect for People.


Excellent Quality, Sincere Service

VITAVON RACING has years of Experience doing R&D, Professional Design & Production, Production Facility employing Full-Time Profession Designers, Engineers, Machine Operators and Office Staff as one of the Best OEM Suppliers based in China. We adopt State of the Art in Research & Design, and Next Generation Agile Production System to deliver OEM High Standards for Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Just-in-Time Delivery — demanded by OEM Clients Worldwide. Vitavon implements Agile Production System to deliver Sustainable Quality for over 10,000 OEM Products Worldwide. We have completed over 38,000 items with 98.9% Positive Feedback via Ebay Shop. We do best effort to quickly address issues, help sort out snf find a solution to occasional Problems.

In 2022 Arthur Tsang created and managed Vitavon-Racing.Com to Ship Fresh and DIRECT from Vitavon Racing Factory to your Doorstep via DHL Express in 3-7 Days. Please Contact Arthur Tsang Direct via: service@vitavon.cn.

Shipping Policy

We do best effort to prepare your package ready for pick-up, same day upon completion of Order/Payment Process within working Hours. Occasionally, there are unexpected delays beyond our control. We recommitted to make sure all is 100% or will do a Return Refund but we do not do reimbursement on Return Shipping, We do best effort to do best quality.  Race Components prematurely break for a variety of reasons, and we do offer Unlimited Warranty.  Please install properly and Drive With Care.